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Pep Guardiola’s potential move to Manchester City Stigmatised by the British Press


Pep Guardiola’s announcement yesterday that he would not be extending his contract with Bayern Munich, has not set well with the British press, as his next destination seems to be Manchester City.

I wrote this article today to examine how the British press is attempting to provide favouritism to Chelsea and Manchester United, in their pursuit over the world’s best manager, whilst at the same time trying to discredit Manchester City.

I shall start with the BBC, who by most standards should be objective in their reporting. Yet this is not the case, they have photo shopped Guardiola in a Manchester United Jersey (see below), and are eagerly pushing for him to join the reds and snub the blues. In the short video the BBC show all the clubs Pep could possibly go to, and surprise surprise; Manchester City is the last one to be shown.

Pep Guardiola photo shopped in Manchester United Jersey

Pep Guardiola photo shopped in Manchester United Jersey

Sky Sports have not fared much better either. In a post by their football account (see below), Pep is shown standing behind the Manchester City badge, whilst the Chelsea and Manchester United badge is displayed vividly.

Pep Guardiola standing behind Chelsea and Manchester United Badge.

Pep Guardiola standing behind Chelsea and Manchester United Badge.

Sky’s commentary fares no better, and the likes of Martin Tyler and Niall Quinn are always first to criticise City for any little thing they can find. The first thing they would mention when the blues lose is “money”; yet they forget that last season Manchester United had the most expensive squad assembled in the Premier League era. Even Chelsea has spent big in the past, yet everything seems an agenda against City.

The FFP restrictions which were enforced by UEFA on City and PSG limiting their squad list last season, was an attempt to protect Europe’s elite. This proved that there was nothing “fair” about financial fair play.

Today it was announced that Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini would be banned from FIFA for eight years for corruption in football. This has been something that should have been enforced a long time ago, as we all know how corrupt FIFA is.

Next I shall highlight the Daily Mail (see below). Their sports homepage is cluttered with articles about Manchester United and Chelsea, and even in their Pep headlines they provide further favouritism towards Manchester United and Chelsea.

Daily Mail Sports Homepage

Daily Mail Sports Homepage

The Daily Mail chose to feature Manchester United’s narrow win on Match day 3 in the UEFA Champions League against Wolfsburg on their homepage, whilst Manchester City’s illustrious performance away to Sevilla was overshadowed. Indeed this was the case on Match day 6, when the blues topped their tough group, and the reds crashed out of the Champions League.

These are only a handful of examples from the recent reports about Pep Guardiola. This article has nothing to do with me being ”bitter”, I just believe in fair and objective reportage, which isn’t prevalent in this British Press.

To conclude it seems the British press will stand at nothing to see Pep Guardiola sign for Manchester United or Chelsea at the expense of Manchester City, and it will be a “disaster” in their eyes in he was to sign for blues. Only time will tell where he is heading, however do not expect the media to change anytime soon, as they believe Manchester United and Chelsea are “bigger clubs” than the likes of Manchester City.

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