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Matched Betting Profit Maximiser at the Race Track

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Punters who prefer betting on horses should be aware that “matched betting” and a “profit maximiser” works just as well when betting on horses as it does when betting on sports events. The only real difference would be the possibility of encountering larger profit margins when using the matched betting methodology in the horse-racing world.

How a Matched Betting Profit Maximiser Works?

Prior to using the matched betting methodology for betting on horses, it is important to remember that the number of handicapping factors that go into picking horses far exceeds those that go into handicapping a sports event. This creates a larger potential spread on the odds for a particular horse from one bookmaker to the next when fixed odds are being used. The goal is to take advantage of these spreads to maximize profits while minimizing potential losses.

You will need two accounts, one with an online race book and one with a betting exchange. You will be placing a “back bet” with the race book and accepting a “lay bet” through your betting exchange account. Remember, a back bet is the act of backing a horse to win while you will be acting as a bookmaker when accepting a lay bet on the same horse from a third-party punter. The keys to exercising this methodology properly are making sure your back and lay bets are of equal monetary value and securing higher fixed odds on your back bet than those you offer on the lay bet. If you can check these two boxes, you should be able to effectively create a free win bet on your horse with the total risk equating to no more than any commissions (5%) you might have to pay to the betting exchange.

Example: You bet $100 to win on horse A at 3-1 odds. And accept a $100 win bet on horse A at 2.80-1. If horse A wins, you collect a net profit of $300 on the back bet minus the $280 you pay out on the lay bet. That’s a net-net profit of $20. If horse A loses, you lose $100 on your back bet, but collect $95 on the lay bet ($100 on the wager minus the 5% commission). Your total loss is $5.

Enhancing Your Profits With the Profit Maximiser

Once you firmly grasp the concepts of both matched betting and “bonus bagging” as presented by Mike Cruickshank, you should be happy to learn he has developed a software product that will allow you to increase your profit making capabilities without any additional risk. You are encouraged to pay close attention to the Profit Maximiser review listed below if you want to earn more bang for your buck.

Profit Maximiser Review: With hundreds of race tracks and sporting events scheduled everyday along with numerous new welcome bonus offers, you might feel overwhelmed by the number of money making opportunities that lie before you. The Profit Maximiser was developed to help you get organized, quickly identify bonus-bagging opportunities and easily calculate potential returns so you can isolate the best profit making options available with a minimum of effort.

As a precursor to using the Profit Maximiser software, you will have the opportunity to watch six introductory videos, which cover important topics like protecting your bank account, calculating free bet options, securing commission free lay bets and finding betting options without the software. Once you have familiarized yourself with the Profit Maximiser concept, you should be ready to jump into the fray.

The key to the entire Profit Maximiser system is staying connected to the daily Profit Maximiser calendar, which was designed to keep you updated on the latest and greatest bonus bagging opportunities on the market. After identifying the best welcome bonus packages, you will have the opportunity to establish your betting accounts and make progress towards securing your low-risk qualifying bets. The Profit Maximiser will help you identify the best betting opportunities in order to help you maximize your profit potential from your qualifying bets and subsequent endeavors.

Whether betting on sports or horses, profits are what you should be targeting. With The Profit Maximiser calendar, you will have the chance to get organized, stay organized and start making money without the need to risk your precious bankroll.

If you are interested in finding out more about this system and a more detailed description about what bonus bagging is then please check out this review and profit.

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