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Klitschko v. Briggs has to happen!



“Let’s Go Champ!” Three words that have become common to Wladimir Klitschko, they are the words shouted by the 43-year-old boxer Shannon Briggs who is desperate for his title shot against the 39-year-old Ukrainian.

Briggs is constantly taunting, pushing and getting in the face of the professional fighter, and normally it doesn’t end well for Briggs, being escorted out of a number of buildings in a rage claiming: “I want this fight!”

Wladimir Klitschko sits 63-3 having won 53 of his fights through knock-out, currently holding the IBF, WBO, IBO, and IBF titles.

Yet, even with his battle against Manchunian Tyson Fury in November, the Ukrainian cannot escape Briggs, not even when promoting his upcoming fight, as the American turned up shirtless shouting: “Let’s Go Champ!”

When it started off the appearances were funny and you could see the heavyweight was enjoying the aggressive nature of Briggs. However, as time has gone on the cracks are beginning to appear after the Champion reacted by throwing water over the boxer, pinching his beard and stating Briggs had “crossed the line”.

So why does Briggs want this fight? The 43-year-old American has fought 67 times and has claimed 59 wins, winning 52 of those fights through KO.

However, out of his six defeats, three have come in his professional title bouts; losing to the likes of Lennox Lewis, Sultan Ibragimov and Wladimir’s brother Vitali for the WBC Heavyweight title.

It seems when it comes to the main stage Briggs has never delivered an outstanding performance, nor has he looked like getting the better of his opponents.

A perfect example was the fight against Vitali Klitschko in 2010. Here, Briggs took a beaten to say the least, yet with all the shots he managed to last all twelve rounds and get a few hits in himself.
This sent Youtubers into despair, comments ranged from how is Briggs going to stand a chance against his brother Wladimir, to “Let’s Go Champ!”.

The fight itself will not be so much of a serious fight, but one both fighters could benefit from, Briggs for the continuous tongue-in-cheek comments thrown at the Ukrainian, to Klitschko earning a nice paycheck out of this box office event.

One thing for sure, I’m on board with this. “Let’s Go Champ!”

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