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Juventus should now target the Champions League title


With the club having claimed its fifth straight Scudetto, the Bianconeri should now focus on returning to the top of European football.


Despite a very bad start to the season, which saw the team earn only 12 points in the first 10 games (having scored just 11 goals), Juventus fought back.

The squad’s coach, Massimiliano Allegri, concentrated on all the mistakes committed by his side and tried to fix them, calmly criticising his players and expecting and demanding from them to play much better, both defensively and offensively.

Consequently, the team went on to collect 73 points out of possible 75 in the next 25 league games, climbing from the bottom half of the table to the top and securing another Serie A title.

In order to achieve this, the club had to recognise the errors they had made over the summer (as they hadn’t covered the gaps that were created by the departures of Carlos Tevez, Andrea Pirlo and Arturo Vidal) as well as get over Paul Pogba’s bad shape and Claudio Marchisio’s injuries.

At the same time, Allegri was struggling to find the right playing style to suit all his new arrivals, with many of whom (like Paulo Dybala) needing more time to prepare for the ongoing battle for greatness.

Regarding Dybala, the Argentinian forward had to learn what it meant to play for Juventus.

Taking advantage of his intelligence and technique to score, he managed to transform into the team’s best player, thanks to Allegri’s effort to improve his endurance and strength in order to help him get into shape.


That said, the squad saw most of its players quickly enhance their overall performance and manage to turn their season around (through unity, personality and hard work) to win the title and reach the Italian Cup’s Final (where they will face AC Milan).

On the other hand, they came up short again in the Champions League. After losing to Barcelona in last year’s Final, they were eliminated by Bayern Munich in the first knockout stage, after two very impressive fights in Turin and Munich, respectively.

So, if we take into account that the teams that have made it to the competition’s semi-finals are not unbeatable, Europe should be the Bianconeri’s priority next year.

In order to achieve this, the club directors should ensure the acquisition of top class players who will retain the side’s quality at high levels, while also securing that the team’s key players during the upcoming transfer period.


Until then Juventus should enjoy the remaining three games of the season (as they beat Carpi 2-0 on Sunday afternoon) and do their best to prevail over Roma in the Italian Cup’s Final and close the season in the best possible way.


(Images: juventus/dailymail/goal/jogetbola)

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