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Is there a conspiracy against West Ham?



West Ham currently sit sixth in the Premier League and are still in contention for the top four. In the last few games there have been decisions that led to late minute penalties against opposition.

Against Chelsea they were given a last minute penalty against them and they had  a player sent off against crystal palace, in both games when West ham were leading on both occasions. Against Arsenal a legitimate goal was ruled out incorrectly for offside. In addition in the last minute against Leicester they were given a dubious penalty against them which meant they lost 2 points again. That’s eight more points that they might have had which would mean they would be sitting in fourth position and 5 points clear but instead they are sixth and seven points from fourth position.


Is there a conspiracy against West Ham?


Karen Brady – vice chairwoman of the club commented in her column at The Sun “What was frustration turns to real bitterness when I hear we have won the appeal against Cheikhou Kouyate’s red card.

“I’m beginning to get paranoid about the way West Ham are suffering from referees’ decisions and I know I shouldn’t be, it is the rub of the green we are told, although it feels like much more than that — almost beyond mere coincidence.

“We’ve had three red cards overturned this season, not a single penalty award, not an away penalty in four seasons and the lowest number of penalties in the Premier League in the same time, There’s another meaning, of course, to ‘seeing red’. I must go and lie down.”

This season the big teams are being tested more than ever with West Ham and especially Tottenham and Leicester with the latter almost guaranteed Champions League football. Critics may suggest that the premier league might not want smaller teams qualifying for the Champions League as they are likely not to do well. England could lose one Champions League space and be limited to only three teams can qualify as in recent seasons English teams have fared poorly in the competition.

The reality of course is that all clubs get tough breaks sometimes; that’s the way it goes. I doubt the Premier League have anything against West Ham and I am sure that they will also get lucky breaks in their favour which will help them out.


Are West Ham being unfairly treated by the Premier League?

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