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Comparing Australian bookmakers 2016

Australian bookmaker promotions

Australian punters are fortunate to have access to sports and horse racing tips from some of the top online bookmakers in the world such as Ladbrokes Australia, Bet365 and William Hill.

There’s great value derived from doing business with sites that have stellar reputations and offer top-notch products. When it comes to comparing the top 3-4 bookmakers to determine which one might be the best, it really becomes a question of taste. Why? Because there is very little that separates the top three.

The Top 3 Australian Bookmakers

Based on reputation and financial stability, the top 3 bookmakers currently operating in the Northern Territory would have to be Ladbrokes, William Hill and bet365, perhaps in that order. In the past, the list might have been a little bigger. However, recent acquisitions by William Hill (Centrebet, Sportingbet, Tom Waterhouse) eliminated much of the competition. In fact, it appears as though William Hill’s entry into the Australian market might have spurred the other top dogs to a higher level of competitiveness.

A look at the Best Promotions Set forth by the Top 3 Bookmakers

Instead of trying to compare apples to apples as it applies to the basic content, it might be more beneficial to simply look at the top promotions being advertised by each of the top 3 bookmakers listed above. Assuming that the event wagering menus and betting options are quite similar, a large part of the valuation process will be focused on the promotions, which seems to be the best way to try to differentiate between these sites.


Ladbrokes Australia

Ladbrokes Australia

The Ladbrokes site provides an equal focus on sports betting and horse racing. While the Ladbrokes promotions for 2016 might not be the most lucrative from a monetary standpoint, they certainly come with what seems to be the best terms. In the race book, punters have plenty of promotions to help them garner extra value when they hit on the right horse. Here’s a look at one of the Ladbrokes promo codes that generates the most interest and value.

Odds Boost – With a patent pending, this proprietary promotional product provides a great way for punters to literally boost the odds that Ladbrokes Australia offers on horse racing tips they feel strongly about. Punters earn boost points each day based on their action. The following day, those boost points can be used to boost the odds on one horse a race over the complete menu of Australian race tracks. The promo focuses on fixed odds betting with no carry overs allowed on boost points from one day to the next.

As far as the sports betting Ladbrokes promotions for 2016 are concerned, the welcome promotion is among the strongest in the nation. Much of this strength is derived because the punter has two options from which to choose with the right Ladbrokes promo codes. They can choose to get $75 in free bets on a deposit of $25 or more, or up to $100 in free bets based on their first real cash qualifying bet. Either way, they have 90 days to use their free bet monies and essentially no rollover requirement so long as the bonus bets are made on events that carry odds of +150 or higher. By industry standards, these are quite lenient terms and conditions.


William Hill

Australian bookmakers

While William Hill is having a bit of a rough start in 2016, William Hill’s promotions manager is still among the most innovative in the industry. In both the race and sportsbooks, punters have access to some really cool and potentially lucrative promotions. In the race book, the “Insurance” promo allows them to get full refunds on their win wagers if their horse finishes 2nd or 3rd. Note: This promo is restricted to selected races on a daily basis.

While the welcome sports betting promo offers up to $200 in bonus bets based on the punter’s first settled bet, the terms and conditions are quite restrictive. Instead, punters might want to focus on a daily promo like the “Multi Insurance+” promo, which gives the punter a refund of up to $50 should their multi-event bet fall one game short of a winner. That’s great protection for punters that tend to always fall a little short.



Australian horse racing picks

First, the bet365 site offers a wider variety of gaming options, including casino games, bingo, poker, as well as sports betting and horse racing. This is a great destination for punters who enjoy all forms of gambling. While the casino offers plenty of solid bonus offers, strict rollover requirements make them near impossible to convert to real cash.

In the sports and race books, bet365 again offers several solid promos, but nothing that really stands out when compared to the offers made by Ladbrokes and William Hill. That’s not to say players should avoid bet365, it’s just a notation that the promos might not be as strong as those found on the other sites.

The bottom line is this; No matter which of these three bookmakers a punter may choose, they can rest easy they are dealing with one of the best in the land. As it pertains to promos, it really is a matter of personal preference.

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