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If a punter were to go looking for a new online sports betting bookmaker, whether they are an Australian or American or from the U.K, if they are using the betting menu and wagering choices as the only criteria for making a selection, they would quickly learn that online bookmakers are a dime a dozen. They all carry the same sports event menus with the same wagering options in Australia, the U.K. and the U.S.


What Makes a Bookmaker the Best in Its Region?

For anyone who wants to find out which online bookmakers are the best in these three regions, they need to first consider each bookmaker’s reputation and financial stability. Once they have identified the ones that score high marks in both of those categories, it really boils down to which site’s offer up the best bonuses. In the sports betting world, the best bonuses almost always revolve around free bets. That’s the criteria that will be used here to rank the top three bookmakers in each of the three aforementioned jurisdictions.


Best Australian Bookmakers

Aussie punters have enjoyed a recent influx of top online bookmakers that have extensive experience in other parts of the world. Of the top three online Australian sports betting bookmakers on this list, two of them have strong ties to the gaming industry in the U.K. while the other one is Australian centric.


Ladbrokes Australia – As one of the largest bookmaking operations in Europe, Ladbrokes has a stellar reputation that is second to none. The company has successfully transitioned down under, where its Ladbrokes Australia operations have captured the imagination of the nation’s punters. The list of Ladbrokes promotions for Australian punters is both extensive and truly rewarding. The best of the Ladbrokes promotions is the welcome free bets promotion that offers punter two choices, $75 in free bets based on a minimum deposit of $25, or $100 in free bets based on the punter’s first real cash wager.


Luxbet – In spite of the international competition, Luxbet remains as one of the top Australian-based bookmakers. Owned by the Tabcorp conglomerate, Luxbet doesn’t provide much flash, but makes up for it in substance. The site gives extra focus to popular regional sports while awarding punters with up to $150 in free bets for a minimum initial deposit of $50.


William Hill AustraliaBack in 2013, William Hill, from U.K. gaming fame, made a flashy entrance into the local bookmaking market with the acquisition of several local online bookmakers. While some of the novelty has worn off, punters can still earn up to $200 in free bets based on their first settled wager of equal value.


Best U.K. Bookmakers

The U.K. has allowed legal sports gambling for decades now. With that in mind, it makes sense that the top three bookmakers all have a long history of providing top-notch services both online and through land-based bet shops.


Ladbrokes – It’s no coincidence that Ladbrokes is also king in the U.K. The online site provides a wide range of gaming options with a focus on sports betting and horse racing. New punters can earn up to $50 in free bets for an initial qualifying bet of equal value.


bet365 – bet365 has a great reputation for providing a solid balance between wagering features and bonus promotions. Punters can currently get up to $100 in free bets based on a 100% match of their first deposit. With no need for a qualifying wager, this makes for a nice little promotion.


William Hill – After 80+ years serving punters from the U.K., William Hill is easily the most recognizable name in the European gaming industry. While its promotions tend to be restrictive, they do provide plenty of innovative, value added sports betting promotions to go along with a welcome free bets offer of up to $200 based on the punter’s first settled bet of equal value.


Best U.S. Bookmakers

While sports betting in the U.S. is still subject to harsh restrictions, some top international bookmakers are able and willing to accept US players while restricting deposit options.


Sportbet – In international betting circles, Sportbet has a solid reputation for quick payouts, great customer service and a large selection of gaming options, including a full service sportsbook. U.S. players can earn to $520 in free bet monies based on the amount of their initial deposit with 10% of the free bet amount being released each time the player wagers 1X their initial deposit amount.


GTBets – GTBets in one of the newer online bookmakers that are working with U.S. players. They offer a complete sports and horse wagering menu from events and race tracks located all over the world. The site’s free bet bonus of up to $250 is available to players based on their first deposit of up to $500.


BetUSEven in its name, BetUS clearly indicates it is dedicated to providing bookmaking services to players located in the U.S. The site provides a full menu of sports betting options that can be used with the 55% in bonus free bet monies earned over the player’s first deposit.


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