Andy Murray and Ivan Lendl – more Grand Slam success?

Murray Wimbledon champion

Andy Murray has once again partnered up with Ivan Lendl with the hope that he can guide him towards the number one seed and more Grand Slam glory.

Andy Murray has become the pride of Britain when it comes to representation within the world of tennis, and rightly so; the two-time Grand Slam winner, reigning Olympic Champion and Davis Cup Champion is arguably playing some of the best tennis of his career on all surfaces, highlighted by the fact he reached the final of the French open for the first time earlier this month. The problem, however, since his split with Ivan Lendl in March 2014, has been the fact he hasn’t enjoyed any further Grand Slam successes despite being in 3 finals (two Australian Opens, one French Open).

Is there any stopping Djokovic?

Is there any stopping Djokovic?

Whether Murray’s relationship with Amélie Mauresmo broke down due to personal reasons, or this apparent lack of success over the last two years despite him sitting at second in the world on the ATP rankings, what we do know is that Andy Murray and Ivan Lendl have rekindled their successful partnership just in time for the build up to Wimbledon. This reformed alliance between two greats of the tennis community has everyone within the Murray fan base very excited and hopeful that his presence can bring about similar rewards to his first period as Andy Murray’s coach.

Under Lendl’s guidance for 3 years, Andy Murray enjoyed by far the most successful period of his career, winning the Olympic title and US Open in 2012 and Wimbledon in 2013, a period of time that allowed Murray to transition from a great player into a World Class Grand Slam challenger, a major turning point for him in tennis. Physiologically Andy Murray is at his prime, and with the insurmountable Novak Djokovic winning almost everything tennis has to offer, Lendl’s return couldn’t have come any sooner as they look to wrestle the Wimbledon crown from the Serbian.

Murray's last Grand Slam win came in 2013

Murray’s last Grand Slam win came in 2013

Andy Murray has been honing his grass court skills at Queen’s Club this week, and will be hoping that he can make it his fifth win of the tournament to set a new record at the same time, overtaking the likes of John McEnroe and Leyton Hewitt, as well as building up some grass court momentum for his Wimbledon campaign. Lendl will be using the opportunity to analyse Murray’s game once again, in the hope that he can rectify any areas of weakness and give him the best chance at winning his second Wimbledon title.

There is no doubt that the chemistry Andy Murray and Ivan Lendl share is special and brings out the best in both their abilities; Lendl was quoted in the press as feeling like he’d ‘never stepped away’, almost an aura of nostalgia, and speaks volumes of how well the two work together both on and off the court. I’m certain that Murray will reap the rewards from having Ivan Lendl back in his camp and as a big fan of his I hope he can overcome his demons with Novak Djokovic and lift the Wimbledon trophy for the second time.

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