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3 keys to using online bookmakers

online bookmakers

With a long list of top online bookmakers from which to choose, there is no reason why you can’t find a great site. All it takes for you to land in the right spot is a little due-diligence and an understanding of what to look for at any given time.

What 3 Criteria Should You Consider?

Among the top online bookmakers that are licensed to operate, it’s safe to assume they all provide a great selection of betting options and offer first-class customer service. These things can be considered a given because of the competitive nature of the local bookmaking industry. Further assuming most of the top bookmakers are financially stable, the focus shifts to bonuses and betting promotions.

If you have decided to use bonuses and betting promotions as the deciding factor regarding which bookmaker is going to earn your business, there are three things you need to consider. First, you want to consider the quality and quantity of promotions the bonuses and promotions being offered. Secondly, you want to see innovativeness when it comes to developing promos. Finally, you need to be acutely aware of the “fine print.” A promotional offer can look incredible, only to be rendered near impossible to benefit from due to the fine print found in a promotions terms and conditions.

  1. Promo Quantity and Quality – When you look at any promotional code in 2016, you should be able to tell right away what the bookmakers intentions are with the offering. In some cases, they are trying to get punters to deposit more funds and in other cases, they are trying to promote more wagering. When you see a bookmaker that offers a nice cross-section of promotions that address both of those objectives, you are seeing a promotional package that has good quantity and balance.

As far as the quality of a promotion or bonus is concerned, you are again looking for a balance between the monetary value and the attainability of the offer. Since free bets are popular promotions, a look at some of the best well-known bookmakers promotions will show you what good balance looks like. The welcome free bet is typically set up to offer two options: for example the punter could get up to $500 in free bets based on their first real cash wager of equal value, or they can get $250 in free bets for making an initial deposit of at least $100. Both offers come with punter-friendly terms and conditions, which creates a quality promotion.

  1. Quality Through Innovation – Quality can also be created by innovation. Betting promos are very popular with sports and horse racing punters. They love promos that protect them against losses or that boost their potential winnings. Ladbrokes has an “Odds Boost” promotion that allows horse punters to increase their odds on one horse each day with the amount of the increase determined by the number of boost points earned the day before. This promo has a patent pending, a clear indication of true innovation.
  1. The Fine Print – From one online bookmaker to the next, you will find that many of the most basic terms and conditions are similar. For instance, almost every site in the U.S, U.K, and Australia that makes a promotional code carries a condition related to wagers such as having to be made on sides that carry odds of at least +150. Also, pretty much all free bet promotions retain the stake amount on winning free bets. These are considered industry standard terms and conditions.

Where the confusion lies is with the fine print. Each promotion has unique terms and conditions that if not met, can cause the punter to forfeit the offer and any associated winnings. These unique conditions can target, residency restrictions, time restriction or wagering restrictions. It’s these fine print issues that create the need for punters to thoroughly read all terms and conditions prior to accepting any offer.

By combining these considerations with each site’s wagering options and overall financial stability, there is a good chance you will find a bookmaker that is tailored made for you.

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